Stop Your Battle With Food


You struggle with an ongoing battle with food and yourself.


You’re obsessed with your body image and perhaps exercise.


You feel stuck and you want it all to change…


If this sounds like you, you may be feeling, isolated, defeated and desperate for change. You are likely feeling embarrassed and fed-up with yourself.

You have promised yourself countless times that you would get your emotional eating habits under control.

And yet…


You have failed each and every time.

And now…


You’ve come to this website because you know it’s time to stop your battle with food.

Guess What? You have come to the right place.


Through counselling, I can help you get your battle with food under control once and for all.



Do any of these scenarios apply to you?

  • you repeatedly follow your diet, and then fall off again
  • you cringe when you look in the mirror
  • you are obsessed with food, calories and exercise
  • you lose weight, only to gain it back again and again
  • you eat when you are sad, anxious, worried and mad. You eat, eat, and eat.
  • you are fed up with your inability to stop stuffing yourself with food
  • you are an emotional eater



Do any of these scenarios apply to you?

  • you restrict your food to keep the weight off
  • you exercise excessively and can’t seem to stop
  • you or others are concerned for your health
  • you occasionally engage in a binge-purge cycle
  • you skip meals, always making excuses for not eating –“I feel ill,” “I just ate with a friend” I am stressed out,” “I am just not hungry.”
  • you refuse to eat in front of others
  • you are an emotional "under eater"


If you are an under-eater or over-eater, your problems with food are likely wreaking havoc in your entire life.


Problems Related to
Under Eating or Over Eating

Relationship Problems:

If you are a chronic over-eater or under-eater, chances are that your eating behaviors are causing problems in your relationships. You may be isolated and afraid that others might find out the truth about you and reject you. Others may be constantly expressing worry and concern for you to the point where your relationships are strained.


Low Self-Esteem:

Is your over eating or under-eating leaving you feeling badly about yourself? Do you feel that you will never be good enough, attractive enough, or worthy enough? Perhaps with best intentions and perfectionist ways you may repeatedly sabotage yourself and your success. Afterwards, you may feel even worse about yourself.


Obsessed with the Way You Look:

You may struggle with your body image, and obsessively try to achieve the “ideal” portrayed in the media. Obsessive striving for the perfect appearance only adds to your feelings of inadequacy.


Anxiety and Depression:

Your struggle with food may be related to feelings of anxiety and depression. Your feelings of anxiety and depression may pop up when things get really bad or they may be there with you every single day. They may be entwined with your eating behaviors. You may feel depressed so you eat. Then when you eat, you feel more depressed.


Trauma and Abuse:

You may be someone who struggles with eating because of past trauma or abuse that you may not even be aware of. Perhaps you grew up in unhealthy family dynamics, which negatively affected your self-esteem, ability to trust and develop intimacy with others.


It’s time to stop your ongoing battle with food.

If you are sick and tired of over-eating or under-eating, counselling can help you stop your ongoing battle with food and yourself.

You can overcome emotional eating. You can heal your relationship with food. Others have healed their relationship with food through therapy and you can too. You can find your way to feeling good about yourself again.


Benefits of Counselling:

Have Rewarding and Satisfying Relationships:

  • develop close, connected relationships with others
  • discover how to freely express your desires so you get your needs met
  • develop healthy boundaries and communication skills
  • give and receive love from others openly and easily

Feel Good About Who You Are:

  • recreate a nurturing relationship with yourself
  • create a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • develop satisfaction in your career and other aspects of your life
  • move forward in alignment with your values, purpose and goals to create a life that excites you.

Feel Good About the Way You Look:

  • make healthy choices in nutrition and exercise
  • develop accurate definitions of beauty; one that goes beyond looks, and places the importance and focus on who you are inside
  • feel good about your physical appearance

Overcome Depression & Anxiety:

  • develop inner strength and resiliency
  • learn self calming and self soothing strategies
  • make healthy decisions with your mind, body and spirit so that you feel happy and joyful

Heal Past Trauma or Abuse:

  • reclaim yourself and your personal power
  • heal your pain and any feelings of guilt, shame or self blame
  • overcome fears and behaviors that keep you trapped and lead to self-sabotage
  • learn to trust again and develop intimacy with others


Therapy can help you increase your self-awareness and provide you with the ability to consciously make healthy choices. Your choices provide you with enhanced self esteem and enrich your personal relationships. As you begin to feel better about yourself, your struggles with body image and food drop away.


Why Choose Me as Your Counsellor…You Ask?

I can help you beat this battle with food.

I too, have dealt with emotional eating behaviors in my past. Fortunately, through my own healing journey, I now enjoy a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

I have more than a decade of counselling experience working with people who have a variety of challenging issues. I provide people with the tools needed to successfully overcome their self-sabatoge and various addictive behaviors. I have helped people truly heal their relationship with food.

After years of competing in competitive Figure Competitions and becoming a National Level athlete, I’ve attained personal knowledge and skill regarding nutrition, exercise and most importantly, the psychology needed to achieve high-level goals. Not only do I understand what it takes to achieve your goals, but I understand how to overcome self- sabatoge through inner healing, and also the use of visualization, focus and self-discipline. Having overcome eating issues myself, I have the personal experience and also the professional therapeutic training to put an end to your battle with food and feel good about yourself and your life again.


Call now for a 15 minute free consultation.

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Tammy Humeny is a counsellor and therapist practicing in the Metro Vancouver area. Her counselling offices are located in Port Coquitlam, and South Surrey -–Whiterock, BC area.